SCREEN Markets B.V.

To understand and stay ahead of the rapidly changing global financial IT and data markets.

project overview
Screen Markets B.V. was a UK/Netherlands-based media ­company providing the latest news and analysis on ­developments in the global ­financial IT and data ­businesses. They needed an ­identity, a ­prototype for a monthly ­publication and to develop sales ­collateral such as in-house advertisements, press kits and event programs.
child logos for screen b.v.
The direction was to build a brighter, warmer color palette that wasn’t traditionally conservative, create a clean, modern open look with high ­concept illustrations and photography. The ­identity was to be symbolic of the information that streams across financial data monitors captured as the blinking under cursor when you input data. All steps to stay rooted in the financial market but to signal something a little bit different was coming.
magazine covers for screen b.v.
I found Andrew's vision essential to creating the cutting-edge look we wanted for SCREEN magazine. We worked under high-pressure circumstances, and he delivered high quality work every time. 
— Eugene Grygo, Financial Technologies Forum

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