PR & Global Wellness Leader whose passionate about empowering individuals to live their best lives.

project overview
This brand needed a rethought framework around the new direction its founder, Karen Taylor Bass, wanted to embark on—a more refined, leveled-up, boutique style approach to her holistic transformation philosophy. 
The beginning phase was to reimagine their mark, redefine the brand tone and implement into new product launches and deliverables.
redesigned logo for karen taylor bass
Affirmation Cards (Package)
package of affirmation cards for karentaylorbass.com
​​​​​​A past series of projects was creating a workbook journal under KarenTaylorBass’s book imprint, TaylorMade Books, with the end result leading to several other assignments in creating new book designs covering various subjects such as resetting one’s life, top level ways of using public relations for your business or self without breaking the bank and transitioning one’s professional self after motherhood.
public relations for everyday people: the workbook Journal
Andrew personifies graphic design. I believe he sleeps, eats, and dreams it. I have worked with Andrew for over 10 plus years and he is the consummate professional. He is creative with concepts; flexible as it relates to suggestions; and most importantly, he thinks out the box.
— Karen Taylor Bass, Global Wellness Leader and Certified Yoga Instructor

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