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creative catalyst book cover in poster frame on studio desk
Creative Catalyst: A Guide for Students Transitioning into Building a Career

Congrats graduates or soon-to-be!
You did it and got your creative degree. All pumped to show off your creativity but are you prepared to shift to being a working professional? Did you learn how to do that?

Don’t worry! Taking what I taught creative students over the past several years, I’ve created a guidebook to help you transition from being a student into a working creative. Compiled from my own working experiences, information I have accumulated, and conservations from industry colleagues, you’ll find helpful information such as: 
• practical tips on building resumes for creatives
• what type of creative jobs are out there
• setting yourself up as a freelancer
• dealing with paperwork like taxes/invoices/proposals
• setting up pricing for your work rate.

Creating this guidebook is my way to fill out what I believe is missing in design education—how to navigate the business of design.

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Sketch & Learn
Check it out!

Published my own dot grid sketchbook with a collection of
twenty tips about creativity, business, how-to and just things to know from the many years I’ve worked in design. It’s particularly useful for students and young designers but can be used by everyone.

Just one of ways I’m paying my knowledge forward.

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