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project overview
Doing pro-bono work can lead to nice surprises both personally and professionally. That was the case with Services for the Underserved (SUS). As I worked on developing an annual report that served the dual purpose of informing stakeholders about the progress of the organization program and financial wise as well as being a marketing tool regarding its services, the pleasantry of the staff and their dedication to their clients was  truly inspiring thus fueling my creativity.​​​​​​​ 
After working together on the report, they contracted me to design a promotional brochure based on my designs for the annual report.
sus annual report 2007
marketing brochure sus 2007
Since our previous working relationship and deliverables was so seamless, the following year SUS had me back to design the annual report which marked their milestone of 30 years serving people with challenges. I focused on a theme of showing a look into their inclusion of services that marched with a singular focus. 
Focusing on their biggest strength, their hands-on philosophy, I created a visual direction that played off the idea of looking inside the intimate workings of SUS, such as looking through a keyhole, to see the day to day dealings from their clients’ viewpoint.
2008 30 years annual report sus

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